Well mai pals it is almost time for the Model #PawPawty which will benefit Good Mews shelter in Atlanta, so I hope you can come along and join in the fun. Remember you do not have to be able to donate funds to our PawPawty shelter to be able to join in the fun, but every dollar does go to a very worthy cause.

I have already spotted lots and lots of great outfits, you are all looking so cool, so I cannot wait to see the rest of your costumes and of course your model posing!!

Speaking of Models have you heard there is a very important competition running in New Zealand at the moment  called NZ's Next Top Cat Model. Mai pal @mishakidd took part in this  competition last year and was lucky enough to be one of the finalists, you can read all about it on the NZ Next Top Cat Model site.

It really is a great competition ( only open to NZ residents drat!!) and everyone who enters also helps to raise funds for one of three great charities in New Zealand which are  Lonely Miaow @LonelyMiaow, Cats Protection League @WgtnCPL and the SPCA @RNZSPCA. So as well as being a great competition with fantastic prizes it really is a great way to help less fortunate anipals.

It gives me great pleasure to know that some of mai very special pals from twitter have entered this competition and here is the list of those I know have entered and who are also on twitter! ( If I missed anyone let me know and I will update mai list! )

d'Artagnan Rumplepurr - @Rumblepurr 
fund raising page

Sooty Meowvins - @MrSootyMeowvins
fund raising page

Milo - @Milospage
fund raising page

Lily - @LilyCatQueen
fund raising page

Soxy Cat - @SoxyCat1
fund raising page

Tora Fuzzbucket - @Tora_Fuzzbucket -
fund raising page

Darwin - @DarwinJCat 
fund raising page

Biscuit - @BickieMonster 
fund raising page

William - @Woobabe
fund raising page

Ewok - @EwokMackenzie 
fund raising page

Coco - @ladybugnut
fund raising page

Cruz - @CruzTopCatModel 
fund raising page

Plus, @PollyPuss11 's sister Madeline has entered
fund raising page

I sure am going to follow all of these guys to see how they get on in the competition, they have to do all sorts of things like on location pictures and videos as well as fund raising so I can't wait to see how they all get on.

It really is a great example of how anipals can have fun, be creative, get involved in their local community and help others. Good luck to everyone who enters the competition and congratulations to all on the NZ Next Top Cat Model team!

You never know some of them might strike a pose at the Model #PawPawty later today!!

See you all soon

Frugal Dougal

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