Well mai pals I think I already told you what a great week this has been for me because I had lots of pwesents delivered! Well I finally got the staff to take a picture of me in my beautiful silk bandanna which mai pal @pasikas made for me. Kathleen is a lovely lady who is very talented and she makes these fantastic hand painted silk scarves. As you can see this one even has my name on it.

It is also ideal for this hot weather cause it is light and silky and does not make me hot around the collar!  I know that lots of you have beautiful scarves from @pasikas because for a long long time she has supported the PawPawty events every month ( sometimes twice a month!) by providing two of her beautiful scarves as pwizes. You should check out Kathleen's  website because there sure are some beautiful examples of her work. 

The staff are very happy as well because as well as the lovely gift for me , mum got this scarf as well! We have all been very lucky this week!

Kathleen does commissions so if you have a favourite colour then why not get in touch and see if you can have your very own personalised design just like me. So a big thanks to Kathleen for being so thoughtful, talented and generous in all that she does.

More Soon

Frugal Dougal

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