Well mai pals we have been very busy getting ready for the PawPawty this weekend and as if that was not enough I got stung this morning on the mouth by a naughty wasp this morning on my walk. Don't worry I am feeling a lot better now, I had to go to the VET because I was crying and panting and my mouth was swelling, but I got some pills to make me feel better so I am taking it easy supervising the staff as they get all the PawPawty pwizes sorted out.

Naughty Wasp

I had to remind them that we have a lot of Pwizes from Greenies who are letting us have 5 Pwizes of 1 weeks supply of Canine Greenies and an extra special 10 Pwizes for their brand new 6oz bag of Feline Greenies which are just arriving in the shops this month so it is your chance to get your paws on some of these great treats.

All New 6oz Bags of Feline Greenies

I told the staff that the only way I am taking my pills to help me get over the wasp sting is if they put them in a Greenies Pill Pocket so they got me some and like a good boy I have taken my pills.

So I am off to have a little nap to recover from the wasp sting and the staff will be making sure that the Greenies and all of the other great prizes are on the PawPawty Pwize Schedule.

Thanks very much for all your get well wishes and of course to Greenies for donating these great pwizes.

More Soon
Frugal Dougal 

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