Animals in Distress
Right all you anipals following on from the fantastic success of wearing red noses for Comic Relief we are asking all Twitter Animals to join us in helping @romeothecat with his March charity event. Romeo wants to raise $1000 for Animals in Distress which is a wonderful charity that helps anipals who are hoping to find a new home.

How can you Help
Its easy all you have to do is make a donation of $1 or more to Animals in Distress, then wear on your twitter profile a green hat... or any other green bling on St Paw's Day (St Patrick's Day 17th March), Ok you can put you hat on before then as we know how impatient you can be.

And thats not all
Because we all like to see what the other anipals look like @emmythecat will be creating a Hats for St Pats Wall just like those created for #rednose and by popular demand there will be a few competitions throughout the 17th so you can try to win a prize for all your hard work with your photos.

What you need to do next

1. Go to and make your donation of $1 or more, oh and make sure you put your twitter name in on the display name field so we can say thank you to all the anipals.

2. If you have not already got a picture with some green bling on then you can get some at, you will need to upload a photo and then bling it up St Pats style. 

3. You then need to download the picture to your computer and upload it to twitter and change your profile picture. Remember twitter only accepts pictures of 700k so you may need to play about with the size of the picture if it is too big.

4. Finally you need to let @emmythecat know that you have your green bling on and you want your pic on the Hats for St Pats wall.

Remember to use the hashtag #stpaws on your tweets about this so that we can find everyone who is taking part.

To enter the competitions you will need to keep an eye out on the tweets from @emmythecat and me @frugaldougal  on the 17th.

Please help us raise funds for all those little guys and gals who don't have all the wonderful things that we all have remember all we need is $1 from all the twitter animals to make a big difference.

If you are having any problems with any of the instructions or if something is nor working as expected then please tweet me @frugaldougal

What ya all waiting for go get your Green Bling on

Frugal Dougal

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