Calling all anipals 
Do you want to party on down on the 17th and 18th, well if you do get your green bling on and join us for the 24 hour party for all anipals on twitter. It is gonna be the biggest St Paws Party ever.

Ok When and Where
19:00 GMT 15:00 EST on the 17th and goes right on until the 18th at 19:00GMT 15:00 EST thats right a full 24 hours of St Paws Day fun, so you can all join in.
It is taking place at the special virtual St Paws Room at the Ice Hotel in Sweden, its gonna be cold so wrap up warm. But I am told the iced shots are amazing, I can't wait to have some of them. I'm here already as you can see from the photo above and I may need a coat tomorrow!

What we have plannned so far
We will be playing few games of the find the face on the St Paws wall run by @emmythecat where you can win a prize which will be posted anywhere in the World.

We will also have a door prize sponsored by @shopmollyd which will be personalised key chain the prize will be awarded for the best stpaws day outfit as judged by the party pack. 

@Diggeratgadzoo over at is also going to hold a few competitions with giveaways including a t-shirts and a flashdrive, and some other great prizes. 

We also have some treats from @bakersdog who have kindly donated some lucky shamrocks a half pounder or a bag of kitty treats. 

Details of the competitions will follow tomorrow before and during the party.

So you need to get your outfit sorted here

We are also on the look out for more sponsors to donate some prizes and maybe run a competition or two during the party. If you know of anyone who can help please tell them to get in touch.

There will be some cool tunes being played, but we do need a few more DJ's and need to be able to listen in in the UK and US we think that is gonna be best for this but if any of you djdogsters and catz know better please then let us know. And if you wanna be a DJ just join in and share your tunes.

Eats well we already have some offers but we need you all to help out and bring party food that all your anipal friends can enjoy. Just put them on the banquet tables when you arrive.

As for the drinks the cocktails and punch bowls will be overflowing and we already have a few WAITers lined up for cocktails but we are gonna need some help so any shakers and mixers out there just bring your stuff and start mixing it up.

So go on and get your party outfits sorted and if you have any other suggestions of how we can make this the best party ever then just remember to tell us all about it using the hashtag #pawpawty.

If you can spare a $1 remember we are still trying to get @romeothecat some more funds for all the poor anipals who need our help, please donate what you can her and remember to let @emmythecat know if you want your picture on the StPaws Wall.

Please note do not bring any blondes with laptops or guys with Gas Cards they will not be welcome.

See you at the party 

Special shout to ALL Anipals we want to see the goatsincoats, the giraffe, the ferrets, and any other cool anipals that are out there

Frugal Dougal
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