Well what a busy week it has been, there have been a few trips out to stay with my lovely dog sitter Hilary and her equally lovely pup Maddie and I have managed to stick to my 40 minute walk most days. I am feeling much fitter and managed to chase a rather pesky boxer dog on Sunday, as well as a low flying helicopter on Monday morning. 

I have been very well behaved on the food front but have had to switch back to my old food Iams for senior pups as the Science Diet for delicate stomachs was a little too easy for me to digest if you get my drift. Many poo bags had to be carried on my walks. I have had far fewer treats than normal but have managed to sneak a few crisps from the gang when we went to to pub after a long walk. I think I still need to cut down on my food a little more as I am still eating a bit more than I should.

I am please to announce that my new vital statistics are as follows:

  • Waist : 18 inches
  • Chest :19.5 inches
  • Ribs Visible :Zero
  • Weight :

That is a loss of 1/2 inch from both my waist and chest, ribs are still not showing though, still quite a little layer of fat on top of them still but this is only week one.

Next Steps
This is only week one and I have to say I feel very encouraged by all of your support and suggestions for added weight loss and fitness. I know I have only just started but I am feeling very positive and hoping that the feeling will last.
I am going to get into shape one walk at a time.

More Soon


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