I have been busy catching up on my sleep since the #pawpawty and also making sure that all the pwizes are on their way to all you lucky winners.

Just a quick update to say a very big thank you to all of the wonderful anipals who helped make this pawpawty one of the best ever despite some pretty major technical difficulties. I have not fully resolved the problem with tweetgrid, but I will make sure that we know the situation before the next pawpawty. Thanks to all of you who tried to make things work by setting up new accounts, and registering on friendfeed. Hopefully we will not have to do this too much in the future, but it is good to know that we have a back up if twitter breaks again.

Well you all did me proud with the outfits that you were wearing, but I can honestly say that I have never seen so much bad big hair or such a weird and wonderful selection of clothes, did people really wear that stuff? Yep some our silly humans did.

The DJ's did us proud with the great selection of tunes, a big thanks out to @flothecat, @dobie_evgeni, @hotMBC, @Hanseebundee, @cosmohavanese, @inigoflufflebum, @orangegene, @Chevy_boo, @Totallylamont, @Theotigsy, @Jorton, @Flicka47, @Morriscat, @Pandafur, @BunnyJeanCook, @Rustythecat, an extra special thanks to @fergusthedog for arranging the DJ schedule, he is a star for helping organise this part of the #pawpawty. If you would like to volunteer for a DJ slot at the next #Pawpawty please contact @fergusthedog.

Thank you so much to all you for the great pwize donations all of the details of the individual donors and donations made are on my website, and they will stay on there for the next week or so until we start the July #PawPawty planning process. I have already started to receive donations for the next pawty so once again a huge thanks to all of you for your support.

The huge number of contests we have is only possible with the help of the great quizmasters, so a big woof to my pals @emmythecat, @sylviedog, @mishakidd, @brewskiebutt, @cosmohavanese. You guys are the best, thank you for all your help.

As you all know we were helping support the angelsforanimal shelter this month and thanks to all of your donations, we exceeded the target at the PawPawty. And the great news is that if you did not get a chance to you can still donate until the end of this month, so if you have any pocket money left over please consider a small donation, every little helps anipals who are not as fortunate as we all are.

All of the pwizes should be in the post very soon if they are not already on their way to you, if you want to feature on future blogs, please remember to take a photo with your pwize let me know so and I can post a special pwize winners selection before the next #PawPawty.

For the first time ever we had our own security team led by Captain @snick_the_dog, the guys kept any undesirables out by putting the bitey on any spammers who tried to gate crash the event. They also helped keep us anipals in line, you know how it is sometimes, one to many barkeritas or niptinis. Read their fantastic report. A big thanks to @shawneeshep, @samsoncatt, @indy tiger, @GD_kenworth for all the peace keeping they did. And if you want to protect and serve then please contact @snick_the_dog or @Shawneeshep

New Events
We tried a new event at this #PawPawty a quiz called a #pawbquiz which lasted just over an hour and featured questions about cocktails, famous anipals, and the 1980's from @joecassels it was great fun and we will try to see if we can a quiz again at future pawties.

Next PawPawty
I can't wait for the next pawpawty, which is is on the 11th & 12th July, so make sure you put the dates in your diary. If you would like to suggest a theme please post a comment on this post and I will arrange a poll in early July.

If you would like to volunteer to be a quizmaster or a donate a pwize please e-mail me at woof@frugaldougal.co.uk.

More Soon
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