Well I guess it all began in the Little House on the Prarie I was hanging out with the Dukes of Hazzard having a Hart to Hart with Laverne and Shirley, when Cagney and Lacey flew in on Airwolf. They said they had been to St Elsewhere because they had a case of the Hill Street Blues which Quincy ME was investigating. He was helping Magnum PI and he had to take a Taxi through the Knight Rider to Knots Landing where they cruised across the Baywatch on the Love Boat, to Fantasy Island. They found The Incredible Hulk popping up the bar Cheers he said as he raised his glass, lets toast Mork and Mindy and wish them Happy Days, Fame and lets hope that they will be Married with Children soon. He said that The Golden Girls had been doing a little Moonlighting trying some Different Strokes for 60 Minutes, but they had to take a Quantum Leap back to Dallas where Rosanne had Growing Pains . It was all another case of Murder She Wrote looking back at The Wonder Years that we call the 80’s.

And here is is your guide to the 80's #Pawpawty


Club Tropicana of course where the drinks are free, fun and sunshine there's enough for everyone. We will have all the usual drinkies and Nom Nom's please feel free to bring some of your favourite 80's food along to enjoy. Just leave the food in the banqueting hall when you arrive.

We have the MTV video wall room where you can check out all your favourite 80's stars, they are all coming to the pawty, and the resident DJ's will take care of playing all the hits that we all remember oh so well.

As usual there is a room for the young 'uns so they can stay out of trouble and we will be serving non alcoholic cocktails at the kiddies paddling pools, just make sure you youngsters are wearing your life jackets if you go in the pools for a dip, we don't want to have to call the Baywatch boys & girls out!!


What a lot of great pwizes we have to give away, this has to be the best pwize list ever we have so many to get through. Make sure you have a look at the schedule so that you can be there on time to enter for the pwizes you want a chance of winning.

Some competitions have just one winner, but there are a few where there is more than one chance to win so please have a go, you never know your luck. We will also have a slight change on some of the competitions to make sure that everyone is in with a chance of winning, so instead of fastest paw wins it may be the 2nd, 3rd, even 4th or 5th anipal to get the correct answer who wins. So you all have a chance.

The competitions usually direct you to a blog or a site where you can find the answer to the question posed by the quizmaster, and you need to DM the answer to who ever the quizmaster is. ( details of quiz masters will be posted soon, you just need to make sure you are following them so you can DM them, it won't work if you are not following them!!)

Some competitions may be for kittehs or doggies only, if you enter and win a competition you will win the pwize stated, so listen out for the quizmaster's instructions.

The only exception to the above rule will be where the pwize stated cannot be posted to different countries ( those customs people sometimes sniff out the plague ratsies or the doggie treats ). So there may be occasions when you win an alternative pwize, but don't worry all the pwizes are great.


We have a new exciting competition for the 80's #pawpawty it is an hour long quiz hosted by the great guy @joecassels who runs the weekly pubquizes on twitter. Now then this is a bit different to the other competitions.

The first thing to note is that @frugaldougal will be giving away 6 pwizes for the 6 winners of the quiz.

A pub quiz is a traditional British event where friends meet up in a team and try to answer qusetions set by the quizmaster. To make it easier on twitter the maximum number in a team is two anipals. ( you can enter on your own but it is much more fun playing along with someone else).

So how it is gonna work is that Joe will have three rounds of ten questions so that is 30 questions all together that you need to answer. Joe will be tweeting the questions and he has set up a special website where you need to put the answers in (don't worry it is easy). The site is already set up.

What you need to do before the quiz starts is to decide on your team name and go to the #pawbquiz and enter your team name and one of your team's twitter name. Only one anipal needs to enter the answers so decide who is gonna do that and register their details.

Then make sure you are following @joecassels cause he will be tweeting the questions, he will use the hashtag #pawbquiz so you can search for this to make sure you get all the questions. You can DM with your team member to agree on the answers and then you enter the answers on the #pawbquiz site.

You should answer the questions without searching on the tinterweb for the answers as it is meant to be a test of your anipal knowledge not your google search skills, but we will just have to trust each other on that one!!

Joe will announce the start and end of each round and the scores will be displayed at the end of each round, with all the answers displayed at the end of the quiz.

Remember it is all just a bit of fun, and there may even be spot pwizes for the most funny answers so please join in and have a go. If you need help there are some great anipals who play every week who can help. Just ask @laddiethemutt, @poppy_dog, @emmythecat, @frugaldougal or @morriscat .


Please remember that while we are all having so much fun we have the #pawpawty every month to raise funds for an anipal charity and this month we are helping to raise funds for @Romeothecat 's monthly FURpower challenge which this month is helping @angelsforanimal you can donate here. Please remember that every little helps, so if you have some pawmoney left over please donate what you can spare.

halp halp halp

If you are new to the #pawpawty please ask an anipal we can tell you how it all works and if you are really stuck then you can visit @frugaldougal 's site where you can see all the pwizes we have on offer as well as get some hints and tips to help you enjoy the #pawpawty.


One thing to note is that because the #pawpawty usually gets to be a trending topic we do attract some of the spammers who try to hop in on all trending topics. They have nothing to do with the #pawpawty and the best advice I can give is to report them by sending a DM to @spam with the spammers twitter ID and then block them, Twitter does take care of them eventually so try not to engage in any tweets with them as that will only get you upset and give them more publicity.


In the event that twitter fails ( search stops working for some reason, this has happened once before ) we will move on to friendfeed where there is a group set up called #pawpawty, this is a closed group that you have to ask to subscribe to ( keeps spammers out). I am not quite sure what we will be able to continue with on friendfeed as it is new to me, but at least we will be able to communicate with each other. So make sure you have a friendfeed account and that you are part of the #pawpawty group so you can still join in the fun!

Phew I think that is everything apart from my huge heartfelt thanks to all of you for playing along with the #pawpawty, and for all of your very very generous donations of pwizes and your most important gift your time.

It's gonna be a good one I can feel it in my leather 80's gear.

See you all very very soon

Frugal Dougal

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