I love my morning walk to smelly field, it is called smelly field because sometimes there are sheep in the field and they leave stinky poo, but they are not in the field at the moment which means I can get up close and personal with the wabbits. They really do know how to breed, there are hundreds of them. They usually manage to run away before I manage to get a photo never mind any chance of catching one of them!!

Look what I saw on my walk this morning
there are lots of cheeky rabbits and also I
managed to chase this pheasant they can only fly for 17 seconds apparently, if only I could see which way they fly I am sure I could catch them.

The baby rabbits are really funny because they stay really still and then when you take your eye off them for a split second they hop down the rabbit hole. I try to follow them but I get stuck!!!

The bumble bees really love this blue flower I can hear them all buzzing on it and could watch them for hours. They are always very busy and collect lots of pollen to make into yummy hunny.

I think summer is here at last.
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