Anipals I have felt great sorrow and concern for the people of Haiti following the devastating news of the massive earthquake which they have suffered. Most of us will never have to go through anything like this in our lifetimes and I feel extremely contrite having posted so many messages complaining about the snow and general bad weather conditions in the UK. What is a bit of snow and ice compared with conditions and repercussions that the people in Haiti face.

My perspective has changed.

Therefore I would like to dedicate the PawPawty this month to helping the animals in Haiti. It is difficult to get information at the moment about the best way to channel funds but a number of you have pointed out that there are a few teams getting ready to go and help the animals. I would like to help fund their mission.

Of course all of you who have nominated a charity for this month's PawPawty may be disappointed, however I feel their need is greater than any of us could ever imagine.
I can assure that all of the charities or shelters already nominated will be entered into the draw for the February #PawPawty so you nominations will not have been in vain.

I am hopeful that the anipal community will share my view that at this time we should look to the greater need of others in this tremendously difficult time.

Frugal Dougal
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