Hey mai pals it is time to sort out all the details for the first official #PawPawty of 2010, and it is gonna be a good one.

We have already had a few themes suggested, but I fear it would be cruel of me to not go with the wonderful suggestion of @perrythebirman and @fergusthedog for an Elvis theme. The King would have been 75 this year if only he had sought some help from others to help him with the demons that plagued him.

So in his honour we will have a big Elvis  #PawPawty Viva Wag Vegas style. So I know you aint nothin but a hound dog but I don't want to hear you crying all the time. Lets have some great dressing up costumes, you can go to town it is Vegas after all!!

We still have the important matter of deciding on the charity/shelter we are supporting this month so if you want your shelter or charity to be in with a chance of being the recipient of the Elvis #PawPawty then please post a comment on this blog post detailing who you want to nominate.

Dougal will then pick the recipient and we will broad cast the result.

If you have already e-mailed Dougal about the charity you want to nominate then please check below to see if we have got your charity/shelter listed. If we have forgotten, then please remind us, we are both getting a bit older these days and sometimes miss an the odd e-mail.

The #PawPawty is on the 23rd and 24th Jan ( 24th and 25th if you are in Aussie or Kiwi Land)  so we will have to pick the recipient no later than the 19th so get your nominations in  you have ten whole days to nominate your #PawPawty recipient.

If you want to get in touch privately then please contact Dougal  on his e-mail Woof(at) FrugalDougal(dot)(co)(dot)(Uk).

Get your paws busy with the pawty costumes and don't forget to nominate your charity.

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Frugal Dougal

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