Well mai pals you have voted for a down on the farm theme for this month's Pawpawty, as you can see I have got the tractor out and will make sure it is all working so we can have some tractor rides at the weekend.

Now all you need to do is to reply to the Twtvite (on the sidebar on my blog) to let us know if you are coming to the PawPawty, and of course get your outfits ready for the weekend!

PawPawty Costumes
Mai great pal @georgetheduck gave me this great information about where you can go to get some cool bling for for the PawPawty, and also some helpful instructions on how to change your avatar on Twitter


You can get bling for your costumes free at different places like these

Sometimes other anipals can help out too. You can always ask :)

To change your Twitter avatar:
  1. Make sure you have a copy of your original avatar (download it if you need to and give it original name)
  2. Have your costum avatar picture ready. Twitter restrictions: Maximum size of 700k. File type JPG, GIF, or PNG.
  3. In Twitter, click "Settings"
  4. Click "Picture"
  5. Click "Browse" and find the costume avatar picture.
  6. Click on file of costume avatar picture
  7. Click "Save" then Twitter will upload and when it is done, it will say "That's a nice picture" and you can now see it.

We are busy getting everything ready for the weekend so keep your eyes peeled for more information coming very soon.

Frugal Dougal
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