Mai pals 

Imagine if these were your dogs 
Imagine if this was what your street looked like
Imagine if you were no longer around to look after your pets

This video shows two dogs, in amongst the rubble, one is injured and the other refuses to leave his side, when a film crew happened to find them.

It is hard for us to imagine waking up one morning and within 24 hours have our whole life change. The extent of the destruction and devastation in Japan is still emerging and each day brings sad stories to our screens across the world. But we also see stories of hope like the one with the dogs above who were rescued and are now safe and being looked after.

Imagine if you where this dog owner who happens to live near the quake-damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant having to have yourself and your dog scanned for possible radiation.

A Japanese girl, isolated due to radiation, greets her dog through a window.

Or this girl who is being isolated to try to to stop the spread of radioactive material being greeted by her dog.

Imagine if we lived in a world where no one cared

For the past two years the anipal community have come together on twitter to help anipals less fortunate then themselves. We have helped animal rescue across the world and made sure that animals in disaster areas are not forgotten. 

Today of the 2nd anniversary of the PawPawty I urge you spare what you can to help World Vets who are an organisation from the USA who are already in Japan. They are working with local rescues centres and organisations to coordinate resources. You can make a donation using the widget on the right or directly here

I am proud to be part of a worldwide community who do care and who have, time and time again responded to a plea for help from their fellow man.  

So I raise a glass of Bacon Beer to you all to say thanks to each and everyone of you. 

Without your constant help and support the world would be a place that I would not want to imagine.

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